My most Frequently Asked Question is WHERE should we take my photos? 

Ultimately, the decision of where and when we will take photos will be up to you! But I am happy to suggest some locations and times that provide good sceneries and lighting. The best light is almost always an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset. I strongly encourage our outdoor sessions to be during those times because they will result in the best light and highest quality photos. 

Lincoln Memorial/Reflecting Pool 
Best Time of Day: Just After Sunrise 
Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis 
Best Time of Day: Sunset 
*Small Parking Fee Required*
Plants Alive! in Silver Spring, MD
Best Time of Day: The owners prefer we come before opening, about 9am

University Park Neighborhood 
Best Time of Day: Just After Sunrise or Just Before Sunset 
My In-Home Studio In College Park, MD 
Best Time of Day: Varies, Usually Midday, between 10am to 3pm
Riversdale House Museum Grounds in Riverdale, MD
Best Time of Day: Just After Sunrise or Just Before Sunset 
The National Arboretum 
Best Time of Day: Just After Sunrise (Arboretum Hours: 9am-4pm)
*Requires $50 Permit Fee*
The Georgetown Waterfront 
Best Time of Day: Just Before Sunset 
*Requires Parking Fee*
Your Own Home
Best Outcomes: When you have a lot of Natural Light 
Thank you!
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